December 21, 2008

Fresh Start

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:21 pm by bookwoman

So, a lot has changed since my last post over at bookwomansbyob, and I thought I’d try this again, but wanted a fresh start.  I’m doing some book blogging for work, so I dropped the books from the personal one.

The biggest fresh start I’ve had is work-related.  After almost 6 years as the director of a public library, I’ve gone back to being a school librarian.  The public library I was at was a small one, but there were enough administrative duties for me to realize I am not cut out to be an administrator.  I’m not good at managing people or playing the local politics that a position like that needs.  Now I’m thrilled to be back in a school setting.  I’m doing much more hands-on librarian work and that makes me very happy.

I’m still knitting like crazy, making soups almost every Sunday, and frequenting beer fests with my Geek Boy.  A few weeks back, we attended at fabulous beer fest at Cliveden with some friends.  We upgraded to VIP tickets for early entrance and an hour of imported European Christmas beers.  Most important thing learned: The French should stick to making wine because their beer is just terrible.

I’ve got two weeks off now…one of the other perks of moving to a school position.  One of my goals for this break is to actually get a new cardingan made.  I just printed out the Amelia pattern.  More on that tomorrow.  Tonight, it’s off to the World Cafe to see Jacqui Naylor.



  1. froggiegirl said,

    Congratulations on getting a job that suits you better! I’ll look forward to seeing your Amelia, it’s a super cute pattern.

  2. DeuceMom said,

    I’m so glad to see you back! I kept you on my blog roll just in case you came back… I should have been checking Ravelry, but as you can see by the lack of pictures I don’t really keep up that well. Oh well, I’ll be stopping by!

  3. rungirl said,

    Totally unrelated but yes, we are on for HP.
    Can you make me some socks?
    The pattern is on ravelry and if I figure out how to send it I will
    You can post them!
    I’ll be your bestest locced friend!

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