December 29, 2008

Froggy Friday

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There are two days a year when I let myself sit on my tookus all day long, do absolutely nothing constructive, and feel zero guilt about it.  The first day is Black Friday.  For the past several years, Geek Boy and I have hosted my family for Thanksgiving dinner.  This event can range from 9 to 25 people (and once included a non-functioning oven).  So, the week before involves lots of cleaning and shopping and prepping and cooking.  It’s always a lovely day.  And then Friday comes and I plop my butt on the couch and don’t move the rest of the day.  A lot of knitting gets done on that day, and usually a fair amount of on-line Christmas shopping.

The second day is Boxing Day, a true holiday in our home, for largely the same reasons as Black Friday.  Before we became Uncle Geek Boy and Aunt Bookwoman, we used to host Geek Boy’s family for Christmas dinner.  A much smaller affair, but just as much work.  We don’t host any longer, because it’s easier to go to where the kids are than to drag the kids away from their new presents, but now we have a bit of a hike, at least an hour each way, and lots of prep work in the morning for whatever dishes I’m bringing to the dinner (this year, pineapple stuffing and roasted root vegetables with pear glaze a la Mollie Katzen).

However, I did do a few productive things last Friday  There was some general straightening up in the living room to make space for the new Wii.  And I spent some time playing in the kitchen with my newest toy, a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, a Christmas gift to both of us from my folks.  I broke it out and made some bread.  In a role reversal, Geek Boy made the soup today.  Turkey soup from yesterday’s carcass…neither my mother-in-law nor my sister-in-law wanted it, so I claimed it.

I also got a fair bit of work done on my Amelia cardigan.  Although most of it got undone.


There is a possibility that this yarn is cursed.  This is the fourth sweater I’ve started with this yarn.  The yarn is Cascade 220.  Purchased during the early days of Technicolor Sheep’s going out of business sale to make this (Rav link).  I think I got this for about $3 a hank.  And it is obviously meant to be used with the buttons I had purchased there long before.

The Devil made me buy them.

The requirements were pretty simple at first.  A cardigan that only needed three buttons.  Perfect pattern…the Tilted Duster from IK Fall 07.  I had most of it done, when I remembered that I hate seaming.  And this sweater was going to require a lot of seaming.  To the frog pond.

So, new requirement, something in the round.  I toyed with the idea of Cobblestone Pullover with a three button placket.  Someone had posted theirs on Ravelry and I figured I could figure it out.  But then, the February Lady Sweater hit the scene.  I had just finished my first February Baby sweater and loved the pattern, so great!  But for some reason, it just wasn’t looking right.  To the frog pond again.

Then, I decided to try the Cable Yoke Coat from Knit Picks.  I like cables, it looked like it was all done in the round.  Perfect, right? Wrong.  Once I got the pattern downloaded, there was lots of fiddly stuff with hems and hemmed buttonbands that were picked up, way more fiddliness than I wanted.  Frog pond for the third time.

So, now I’m trying Amelia.  And it seems to be going well.  The early issue is one I suffer from often.  I went through the pattern and circled all of my counts and measurements.  This is a practice I learned when making my Picolvolis, where I made the same mistake each time I made the top.  What I forgot to do, was highlight the point where you switch needles.  Once upon a time, I may have just shrugged and said, it’s only and inch and a half, I’ll just switch now.  But, I’m not that knitter anymore.  So, tink, tink, tink went all of Friday’s work on the Amelia.  I made up all of it and then some on Saturday, so the sweater is coming along nicely.  However, since the yarn is close to that reddish that is so hard to photograph, more pictures will have to wait until I have some more progress.

I do have to say…Cascade 220 is a workhorse of a yarn.  This yarn has been knit and frogged several times, wound and rewound, and it still looks fabulous.


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  1. rungirl said,

    I had all sorts of issues with the yarn i purchased at Loop. I think my hooks were rebelling against the more expensive yarns.

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